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A Biomedical Service 35133- R03G-0011 Board
A Biomedical Service 35133- R03G-0011 Board
A Biomedical Service 35133- R03G-0011 Board
A Biomedical Service 35133- R03G-0011 Board
A Biomedical Service 35133- R03G-0011 Board

35133- R03G-0011 Board

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35133- R03G-0011 Board 

35133- R03G-0011, CSI4-1203, 863786 Rev R




Buying Replacement Parts From A Biomedical Service

How It Works

Browse our extensive selection of replacement medical equipment parts to find what you need. Add to your shopping cart, and once you’ve checked out, we’ll have your parts shipped out ASAP. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call. We specialize in getting hard-to-find parts and can generally fulfill most requests.

Parts Testing

All parts are tested thoroughly to make sure they’ll do the job you need them to do. When we get used equipment that’s meant to be parted out, the equipment is tested and verified to be in proper working order. We guarantee your parts will work. In the unlikely event you get a part that was damaged in shipping or is DOA, simply return the part, and we’ll get you another.


A Biomedical Service offers a standard 30-Day Warranty on all replacement parts.

We’re ISO & R2 Certified

A Biomedical Service meets or exceeds global standards for responsible electronics recycling, eco-friendly asset management, health and safety protocols, and quality control. We’re proud to be one of the few biomedical recycling companies to carry the following certifications:

●R2v3: We’re ANSI-Certified and EPA-Endorsed for responsible electronics recycling.
●ISO 14001:2015: This global framework helps companies manage assets without damaging the environment.
●ISO 45001: We hold to an internationally-recognized standard for managing health and safety risks in the workplace.
●ISO 9001:2015: We uphold a globally-accepted standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS)

We Also Repair Equipment

If you need a hand with more than just parts, we also repair and service equipment. We offer a flat-rate program for repairs that are going to cost up to 20% of the value of your item. Repairs above 20% require a custom quote from our experienced technicians.



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