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A Biomedical Service

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Whether you operate a large healthcare organization, mid-sized hospital, private medical practice, clinic or lab, you have medical equipment. It's a major investment; are you protecting it?

Most healthcare institutions find it can be a real challenge when it comes to having the enough people on hand with the technical expertise and experience to effectively maintain their biomedical, imaging, laboratory, and other clinical technology.

BioMedical-A Biomedical Service

We Have Trained and Skilled Technicians


We Have Trained and Skilled Technicians

Our highly-trained and experienced biomedical technicians specialize in a broad range of equipment, ranging from mobile x-ray machines to IV pumps and everything in between. We take care of your equipment's health and safety the same way you do with your patients. It doesn't matter what your requirements are, we've got just about everything you need to keep your equipment and operations up and running smoothly.


Increased Satisfaction

Technicians, nursing staff, and physicians rely upon well-functioning medical equipment to give their patients the proper care needed for positive outcomes. A happy healthcare team isn't chronically frustrated by machine breakdowns or unavailability. Your patients will thank you, too.


Quick Response

When your equipment goes down unexpectedly or needs to be taken out of service for maintenance, you need the fastest turnaround time to get things back to normal. We combine advanced testing and diagnostic techniques with a streamlined workflow approach to keep your downtime to a minimum.


Minimized Risk

Poorly maintained or improperly operated medical equipment is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Just ask your legal team; they'll tell you all about it. Equipment that is regularly and correctly maintained minimizes the chance your equipment will have a failure resulting in harm to patients or staff. This minimizes your risk of legal and regulatory action.


Reduced Expenditures

We help protect your healthcare institution from unexpected and often greater financial losses when it comes to equipment. Keeping your medical equipment regularly maintained prevents small problems from becoming expensive ones and increases the length of time your equipment will be serviceable.


Who Uses Our Biomedical Services?

We provide biomedical services to all kinds of clients: Ambulance, Fire, & EMT Units; Local, State, & Federal Government Agencies; Mobile Medical Units; Hospitals & Surgery Centers; Occupational Therapy Units; Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Centers; Endoscopy Centers; Physician's & Doctor's Offices; Dental Offices; Urgent Care Clinics; Imaging Centers; Medical Clinics; Sleep Study Centers; Laboratories; Clinical Trial Centers; Laboratories; Veterinary Practices, and more!


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Talk to us today about why A Biomedical Service is right for your healthcare facility. For more information about how we can help your hospital, physician practice, long-term care facility, post-acute care setting, clinic, lab, or other healthcare facility, feel free to call us. It's what we're here for.

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