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Sleep Labs

When you provide your patients with the diagnosis and treatment for sleep disorders and related conditions, you are treating one the most important symptoms affecting their health. We certainly don’t want you to lose any sleep over medical equipment maintenance, troubleshooting and repair.

BioMedical-Sleep Labs

BioMedical-Sleep Labs


At A Biomedical Service

We understand the difficulties that faulty equipment, repair time-frames and increasing prohibitive costs cause for healthcare practices. Device downtime, coupled with loss of revenue may affect your ability to provide the quality service your patients deserve. When you partner with A Biomedical Service, we do whatever it takes to give you the peace of mind you need, ensuring that your equipment will always be in excellent condition and patient ready.

Our highly-skilled and experienced technicians strive to render services according to the highest ethical and medical standards. From installation and maintenance to repair and staff training, we do it all. We house a large inventory of equipment, parts and accessories specifically for sleep labs. Whatever you’re looking for, rest assured we can help you!


That’s not all!

We also offer professional medical equipment calibration services. Our expert team of technicians will make sure your medical equipment is accurately calibrated and patient ready as per the latest standards in the industry. Sleep labs across the United States trust us with their sensitive machine resets, calibrations and fine tuning.

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