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Medical Imaging Equipment Repair & Service

Are you an imaging and radiology department or professional who needs to maintain your biggest investment: your medical imaging equipment? At A Biomedical Service, we have the expertise and experience to handle all kinds of imaging equipment, extend their useful lifespan to the maximum limit, and ensure the safety of your patients and staff.

BioMedical-Medical Imaging Equipment Repair & Service

How We Help Your Imaging Department or Clinic Run Better


Imaging Equipment

Imaging equipment can malfunction and it's never at a good time. Aside from the patient cost, in terms of critical diagnostic medical care being unavailable,just a few hours of lost productivity can end up costing your orgainization thousands of dollars. Our highly trained and skilled technicians deliver reliable imaging equipment repair and maintenance services that bring your healthcare institution value and will maintain and repair your imaging equipment, regardless of their make or model. We offer:


Annual Service Contracts

Whether you are interested in knowing the current market value of your imaging equipment or are simply looking to assess repair and damage costs, A Biomedical Service has just the solution you need. We offer appraisal services for all applications and manufacturers of medical imaging equipment. Upon your phone call, our appraiser will visit your office at your convenience, evaluate your imaging equipment, and provide you a formal appraisal report.


Equipment Appraisal

You may need to know the current market value of your medical imaging equipment for insurance purposes or to compare repair costs against the price of a new or used replacement unit. Either way, we have the solution you need. Our company offers appraisal services for all applications and manufacturers of medical imaging equipment. Call us to set up a convenient time for our appraiser to visit your office, evaluate your imaging equipment and provide you with a formal appraisal report. It's easy.


Periodic Inspection & Monitoring

When monitored on a regular basis, your medical imaging equipment can reliably function without glitches or problems. Being a healthcare provider, it's likely patients take up the lion's share of your time and paperwork eats up the rest. Using one of our technicians is a cost-effective option that allows you to monitor your equipment for early signs of failure, calibration problems, and other issues.


Customized Services

No two healthcare facilities are alike and A Biomedical Service understands and appreciates that diversity. When a cookie-cutter approach just won't work, we're able to offer the flexibility of customized service plans that fit withing your budgetary needs while also providing your equipment with the care it requires. Because we understand the problems you have to face, we work hard to scale our services to the unique situations our valued healthcare clients present. Ask us how we can tailor a program that fits your organization perfectly.


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