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Dental Equipment Repair & Maintenance

Your reputation rests on your quality of care and reliability of service. When your dental equipment breaks down, it causes more than a repair expense or mere inconvenience. Unreliable equipment will lose you patients, damage your reputation, and costs you valuable time and revenue for every hour you are down.

BioMedical-Dental Equipment Repair & Maintenance

How We Help Your Dental Practice


How We Help Your Dental Practice

Our service technicians will save your day, keep your equipment properly maintained, and extend the useful lifespan of your dental practice's equipment. Not only are our biomedical technicians highly trained and experienced, but they also have access to a large inventory of parts to speed up the repair process and keep your equipment in working order.

At A Biomedical Service, we understand how important it is keep your equipment up and running to its full potential. That's why we offer comprehensive repair and maintenance services to dental practices like yours.


Dental Equipment Repair

We can handle pretty much any repair. It doesn’t matter what your dental equipment repair needs are, our professional service technicians are more than capable of fixing all kinds of dental equipment, regardless of the manufacturer.

At our state-of-the-art repair depot facility or onsite at your office, rest assured we'll get you fixed up quickly and efficiently, without compromising on service quality. If it looks like your equipment will take longer than average to repair, A Biomedical Service offers several types of loaner equipment to help you avoid downtime. Be sure to ask if your equipment qualifies for this option.


Dental Equipment Appraisal

It's important to know what you've got. Whether you're looking to assess whether the repair costs are worth more than buying a new unit or need to know the current market value of your practice's dental equipment, we have just the solution you need. We offer accurate appraisal services for all manufacturers of dental equipment. It can be a one-time appraisal, or an annual appraisal that helps you with insurance coverage and to create a proactive equipment replacement plan that minimizes downtime and reduces the overall cost of repairs and maintenance on your dental equipment.


Preventative Maintenance for Dental Equipment

Our dedicated team of experienced and well-qualified biomed technicians know how to keep your dental equipment up and running. We're able to provide you with an effective preventative maintenance service plan at competitive prices, regardless of the make and model of your units.

An initial site inspection to determine the best preventative maintenance plan for your dental practice is free of charge. Once a preventative maintenance schedule is developed, we'll provide you with an accurate, written quote. After approval, we'll get started.

Repairs and maintenance may be conducted onsite or at our state-of-the-art repair depot facility, if necessary. We choose whichever option gives you the best value with the quickest turnaround time.


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