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Equipment Leasing and Financing

Thinking about financing your biomedical equipment? Medical equipment costs run anywhere from a few hundred dollars per unit to hundreds of thousands of dollars. A Biomedical Service understands that not every organization is able to shoulder that immediate expense—that’s why we offer a variety of leasing and financing programs to give our customers the greatest range of flexibility when it comes to equipment procurement. Limited up-front resources and budgetary constraints don’t have to hold you back.

BioMedical-Equipment Leasing and Financing

Increase Your Options


Biomedical equipment

Biomedical equipment leasing is the perfect solution, helping you effectively balance the needs of your patients against budgetary constraints. A Biomedical Service works with a number of financing companies to help you get the equipment you need without draining your business capital. Multiple funding sources give the advantage of easy, budget-friendly financing options, flexible programs to suit a wide variety of needs, and we even have solutions for clients with troubled credit.


Thinking About Leasing Biomedical Equipment?

Leasing gives you access to biomedical equipment without the disadvantages of ownership. Depreciation, capital investment in resources that may be obsolete before you've paid them off, and maintenance responsibilities are hassles you may not have to deal with. Leasing is a cost-effective strategy that offers reduced upfront payments and a lower on-going payment. Flexible end of term options can also be negotiated. Ask for a quote or call us at +1-800-910-1422.


What About Short-Term Rentals?

We've got you covered for medical equipment rental packages, one-time and per-use rentals, intermittent medical equipment needs, and monthly biomedical equipment rentals up to 12 month periods. Longer periods roll over into our Lease Program, offering greater flexibility and savings.

To qualify for our Rental Program, you'll need to use a major credit card with an appropriate available limit for the equipment you plan to rent and meet our minimum rental period of one week.

Call us today or fill out a quote request for the medical equipment package rental you need. We generally get back to you within 24 hours.


Advantages of Financing with A Biomedical Service

Financing enables organizations with budgetary constraints or limited capital to pay for the equipment over time, eventually leading to ownership. The options work well for startups, established organizations, and for technologies with longer life expectancies.

Why are we your best bet for financing?

Flexibility: We use multiple companies to give our customers the best chance of getting financed with a plan that works for them.

Fast Approval: Get approval in as little as a few hours. More complex cases can take up to 24 hours for approval.

Quick Processing: If you’ve got your paperwork ready to go and have approval, you can get your funding in as little as 48 hours.

Strong Credit: Applicants with 675+ FICO scores may not be required to have a down payment and their interest rates usually start at around 4%.

Troubled Credit: Applicants with FICO scores in the high 500’s and into the 600’s have options, too. You’ll need a down payment and your interest rate will be higher, but you’ll be able to get your equipment.


What Do I Need to Get Started?

  • Talk to our sales representatives to find the right solution for your company.

  • Fill out the credit application.

  • Purchases under $200,000 usually don’t need extra financial documentation.

  • Troubled credit, businesses newer than three years old, or for purchases greater than $200,000 may need more detailed business and financial documentation. Your sales representative will tell you exactly what you need to provide.
  • Get in Touch

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    Our customer representatives are friendly, and will guide you with a smile!