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Patient Monitors

At A Biomedical Service, we understand that fully functional patient monitoring equipment is mandatory in the operating room and on the floor. From diagnosing medical conditions to keeping track of vital signs, patient monitors are often the difference between life and death. As with all types of equipment, patient monitors are susceptible to failure, usually at the worst possible time.

BioMedical-Patient Monitors

BioMedical-Patient Monitors


That's Where We Come In

We are dedicated to making sure the patient monitors in your healthcare facility don’t malfunction or quit working. You shouldn’t have to face critical downtime issues. As healthcare professionals, we are passionate as you are about your patients receiving the best possible care with the least amount of disruption.


Our Technicians Get It

Our dedicated team of experienced and well-qualified biomedical technicians know how to keep your patient monitors up and running. We're able to provide you with reliable patient monitor repair and maintenance at competitive prices, regardless of the make and model of your units.


We're Proactive

We know that keeping patient monitors up and running is crucial. That’s why we don't solely focus on repair. We also take preventative measures to ensure the same issue doesn't happen again. We’ll point out the systemic problems that contribute to chronic failure, and do everything we can to keep your equipment as reliable as possible, moving forward.


How It Works

An Initial inspection to determine the root cause of your equipment issue or design a preventative maintenance schedule is free of charge. Once the problem or need has been identified, we'll provide you with an accurate, written quote. Once that's approved, we can get started on your units.

Repairs and maintenance may be conducted onsite or at our state-of-the-art repair depot facility, if necessary. We’ll choose whichever option works in your favor -- giving you the best value with the quickest turnaround time.


Find Out More Today!

For more information about how we can service the patient monitors in your hospital, physician practice, long-term care facility, post-acute care setting, clinic, lab, or other healthcare facility, feel free to call us.

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