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Laboratory Equipment Repair & Maintenance Service

Whether you're operating an in-house laboratory at a hospital or your own standalone facility, our highly skilled and well-trained biomedical specialists know exactly how to keep your laboratory equipment running smoothly and accurately. They also understand how important this is. After all, you can't give your patients the right care without properly maintained and accurate laboratory equipment.

BioMedical-Laboratory Equipment Repair & Maintenance Service

How We Help Your Laboratory Run Better


Laboratory Hardware

A Biomedical Service will keep your laboratory hardware up and running. We repair just about every type of medical equipment and also provide comprehensive maintenance service programs that keep your equipment downtime to a minimum, reduce overall costs, and extend the life of your valuable capital equipment investments.


Annual Service Contracts

Full Repair Coverage + Periodic Maintenance

If you need complete coverage for your laboratory equipment, A Biomedical Service offers annual service contracts. These contracts provide full repair coverage for normal repairs due to normal wear and usage, as well as periodic preventative maintenance, to keep your equipment working better for longer.


Depot Repair Service

Perfect for Smaller Equipment

When it comes to small equipment and routine repairs, we offer a state-of-the-art depot repair facility, fully stocked with all the spare parts and latest tools you could ask for. Convenient for easily shippable items, our skilled team of biomedical technicians will evaluate the reason for your equipment failure and provide basic repairs to solve the problem. This is a flat-fee service, however if your equipment has a more complex problem, you may need to authorize additional costs.


Periodic Inspection and Replacement

Our Most Budget-Friendly Plan

If you're limited by finances but still want to extend the life of your laboratory equipment and keep it working well for the duration, this is the plan for you. While not comprehensive in repair coverage, this plan has our biomed technicians inspecting your equipment on a regular basis, replacing parts as needed. This approach follows OEM recommendations and helps you prevent small problems from becoming large and expensive ones.


OEM Periodic Preventative Maintenance

For Laboratories that Require More

Some laboratories must follow stringent guidelines that require them to follow specific periodic preventative maintenance schedules. This type of maintenance must be performed exactly as outlined by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). This includes replacing parts with OEM parts, only. Where applicable, equipment under the OEM plan will be validated annually by conducting the appropriate analytical testing.


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