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Welcome to A Biomedical Service

In every healthcare facility, from private medical practices to large healthcare organizations, medical equipment is a major investment that operates under the harshest of conditions. If you can't keep your equipment working well, everyone suffers: your patients, your staff, and your facility.

BioMedical-About Us

A Biomedical Service is...


Medical Equipment

A leading name in the biomedical services industry - is here to help you avoid that all too common scenario. We act as partners, helping you source, service, and maintain your organization's medical equipment. We save you time, money, and give you a better return on your capital equipment investment.


We Are

A team of highly dedicated individuals who are passionate about maintaining and repairing every type of medical equipment. Our wide range of services is backed with the long experience of our OEM-trained and very skilled technicians, helping your operation achieve its financial and performance goals while providing top-notch treatment and care to your patients.


We Have

The ability to offer your facility: Service, Installation, Repair, Asset Acquisition, Asset Disposition, Training, Parts Sourcing, and a lot more.


We Offer

A complete range of biomedical support services to help healthcare facilities throughout the United States give patients the best quality care possible at the lowest possible cost to your group.

We work tirelessly to keep your medical equipment in excellent condition and patient-ready. With our support and assistance, your unit can avoid lengthy downtime and provide your patients with a better quality of care. As expected, we use only the latest tools and protocols to keep your medical equipment in top shape year-round.


We're OEM Approved

We work in compliance with OEM standards and guidelines recommended for your equipment. This includes the kind of replacement parts that are used and the methods we employ to service your machines. Our workforce is well-trained in these standards and experienced in their application to a wide variety of medical machines and equipment.


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For more information about how we can help your healthcare facility fulfill its capital equipment needs, feel free to call us. We're here to help and look forward to talking to you.

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