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Who We Are

In every healthcare establishment, whether a private medical practice or a large healthcare organization, medical equipment is undoubtedly a major investment. After all, it facilitates the management and treatment of many diseases, which in turn improves patient compliance and quality of life.

However, if your equipment isn’t up to par, or worse, breaks down, it can get difficult to function optimally and provide your patients the best care possible. Proper servicing and maintenance of medical equipment is essential to keep it in top condition, and this is where we at A Biomedical Service come into play.

BioMedical-Who We Are

We are

a team of highly dedicated individuals who are passionate about maintaining and repairing all kinds of medical equipment. Our wide range of services is backed with the experience of our skilled technicians, helping your operation achieve its goals and provide top-notch treatment and care to your patients.


Some of

our prominent services include the maintenance and repairs of imaging equipment, dental equipment, laboratory equipment and other kinds of medical equipment. We can also assist you in finding the right accessories for your day-to-day needs as we have a large inventory of medical accessories for you to choose from.


A Biomedical Service

A Biomedical Service is well-aware of the importance of medical equipment and how it helps in providing patients with the quality treatment they expect. Hence, we promise to play our part by ensuring your machines and other hardware don’t break down, bringing your operation to a complete standstill.


We possess

a team of trained and qualified service technicians, who are more than capable to get the job done right and in quick time. It doesn’t matter what your needs are. We are the right people to speak to whenever your equipment breaks down. Also, since our services are available at affordable rates, you don’t have to break the bank to take advantage of our expertise!