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Sell us your medical device

Sell Your Surplus Medical Equipment

We buy used, retired, surplus, and obsolete biomedical devices. Even if they're not working!

Do you have an obsolete medical device to sell, trade or donate? Let us help you! A Biomedical Service partners with your organization to provide secure, strategic solutions for your organization's asset disposition program. We make it easy for you to manage surplus medical equipment, mitigate legal exposure when dealing with devices that contain sensitive data, and eliminate your organization's equipment reuse liability.

Sell us your medical device

BioMedical-Sell Your Surplus Medical Equipment

Sell us your medical device

Medical Equipment

We have four Medical Equipment Asset Disposition Programs to fit every need. Each device we receive is carefully wiped of all sensitive data and undergoes a rigorous anonymization treatment. This is for your protection, and releases you from legal liability no matter what happens to the machine.

Biomedical Equipment

As an R2 Certified biomedical equipment company, we repair, refurbish, and recycle medical equipment in an ethical and environmentally responsible way. Your organization receives a Certificate of Destruction of sensitive data that follows DOD protocol, a certificate stating that R2 Recycling guidelines have been followed, and a Release of Liability statement for equipment that is resold. The bottom line? We take the headache out of deciding what to do with old, broken, or surplus medical equipment – allowing you to focus on the important business of healthcare.

Sell us your medical device
Sell us your medical device

You Sell. We Buy.

You have equipment to sell and we buy it outright; working, malfunctioning or not running at all. We’re interested in most forms of medical equipment, especially those in high demand -- EKG Machines, Anesthesia Machines, Infant Warmers, Surgical Tables, Microscopes, Ventilators, Syringe and Infusion Pumps, Defibrillators, Incubators, Electrosurgical Units – and we're always expanding our needs list. If you’re not sure if there’s a market for your equipment, just ask. We understand the market and people trust us with their used equipment.

Sales Assistance

Some equipment just needs to find the right home, even if it isn't with us. If you have medical equipment that we can readily find a buyer for, we may refurbish your equipment, get it legally ready to sell (data sanitization and reuse certification), and share the profit with you when we sell it.

At A Biomedical Service, we make trading or selling your old medical equipment easy! If you have any medical equipment you'd like to sell or trade, don't hesitate to call us at +1-800-910-1422 or fill out a quote form. Our customer representatives are friendly and will guide you through with a smile!

Sell us your medical device
Sell us your medical device

Trade or Credit

Are you interested in trading your medical equipment? A Biomedical Service can help! Sometimes the best value is to offer you a credit which can then be applied toward the purchase of new or refurbished equipment, supplies, or service. This is especially true in cases of malfunctioning equipment. We're uniquely positioned to give you the best value for your gear, even if it doesn’t seem like it's worth much. Why throw away old inventory when you can sell it?

Donate and Do More Good

One of our passions is helping underdeveloped countries build critical healthcare infrastructure by providing them with donated medical equipment. When you donate your unwanted medical supplies to us, we partner with a number of nonprofit charities to place your donation where it’s needed most; in hospitals, clinics and in the field of underserved and impoverished areas. You donate the equipment, (which is a tax write-off) and we donate our labor and parts in the refurbishing process. Everybody wins.

Sell us your medical device
Sell us your medical device

Which Program is Right for You?

Fill out our quote form below or give us a call to find out about which option is best for your organization. When you work with us, your biomedical asset disposition can be beneficial to everyone, rather than a headache for you and your staff.

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Our customer representatives are friendly and will guide you through with a smile!

Sell us your medical device