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Benefits of Preventive Maintenance of Medical Devices

Medical devices are a critical tool used by physicians, surgeons, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to carry out essential diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. These devices allow doctors make or confirm diagnoses, assess patient’s clinical progress, and provide life-saving procedures.

If a piece or component of this essential equipment becomes faulty, it will inevitably affect a doctor’s ability to assess patient’s health condition effectively, affect patient safety, increase patient’s disease regression and, ultimately, affect the quality of care provided.

That’s why A Biomedical Services recommends preventive maintenance of your medical devices. Essentially, the benefits of preventive maintenance of medical devices include the following:

Patient Safety

Patient safety is one of the most important factors to consider after procuring a medical device. Proper maintenances of these devices not only ensures all component parts are functioning optimally, it detects small faults before they degenerate into more dangerous issues or complete breakdown of the device.

Having your X-ray machine with even minute defects could interfere with the image formation and impair the radiation emission from the machine resulting in radiation overexposure which could place the patient at higher risk of radiation-associated complications.

At A biomedical services, we provide full-service preventive check and maintenance of your medical devices to ensure patient safety and maximum ROIs for your facility.

Staff Safety

In addition to promoting patient safety, optimal functioning of the medical device through routine maintenance promotes staff safety. If a component of a medical device, such as a radiological device, is faulty, it may place the radiographer or doctor at risk of certain occupational hazards.


Efficient Healthcare Delivery

There’s nothing worse than having a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine, for instance, break down in a facility that provides trauma care and stroke treatment. Routine preventive maintenance keeps your medical devices running optimally, ensuring healthcare delivery in your facility remains efficient.


Preventing break down of medical devices when needed, therefore, prevents rescheduling or procedures, time wastage for patients, disappointed patients, and sometimes, death of patients in the event that a medical device fails during an emergency.

Saves Money

Another important benefit of regular preventive maintenance of medical devices is that it saves cost. In the event that a medical equipment breaks down due to inadequate maintenance, it may lead to emergency repairs or a total replacement of the equipment, which are both more expensive than scheduling routine maintenance.

Durability of Devices

A medical equipment, if routinely serviced and maintained tend to last longer than one which is not routinely maintained. Keeping these equipment working optimally ensures their durability, promoting efficiency among healthcare professionals and a smooth healthcare delivery.

Avoid Litigations

There has been countless cases of litigation against a healthcare provider or a healthcare facility on grounds of faulty medical equipment. If patient’s health or safety was found to have been jeopardized by the use of a faulty device, this could lead to serious litigation that would cost you and your hospital a lot of money.

So, schedule with us at A Biomedical Services for your routine preventive maintenance, repairs, and purchase of all kinds of medical devices and enjoy the quality of service with maximum ROI on all your devices.